Lee Segat is a talented Clairvoyant Healer based in Windsor Gardens in north east Adelaide.

He is passionate about helping people remove blocks in their lives and achieving personal growth, and he does this by helping people to connect with their Higher Purpose through Clairvoyant Healing sessions.

Lee can see you in person at Windsor Gardens any day of the week, or anywhere in the world through the magic of Skype or Zoom.

I’m intrigued! What is Clairvoyant Healing?

During a Clairvoyant Healing session Lee will receive messages for you from your Angels and Spirit Guides, balance your chakras (energy centres in your body), and release old patterns that you may still be carrying from past lives.

Clairvoyant Healing is a process where the practitioner will, in a relaxed and safe environment, work your energy to help clear any blockages you may have.

How can a Clairvoyant Healer help me?

A Clairvoyant Healing can help with a wide variety of situations.  Often when we feel like we’re stuck in a rut it’s because we just don’t know what to do next, or because we feel like we’ve been making the same mistakes over and over but can’t see a way through.  We feel frustrated at ourselves and the world at large.  A Clairvoyant Healer can give you messages from your Angels and Spirit Guides.  Your Guides will always point you in the right direction, are always supportive and never judgemental, and help you realise what is at the heart of your situation.


Sometimes this can happen because we’re carrying energy from a past life.  Most, if not all of us, have had extraordinarily traumatic experiences in one or more past lives.  Often we didn’t get the chance to resolve these experiences during that lifetime, and our soul needs to deal with it in this lifetime.  The universe can help us to do this by recreating a similar experience, or we can carry seemingly irrational beliefs and attitudes that hold us back.


During a Clairvoyant Healing we can release this energy.  The Healer can talk you through the events of the past life which can help you to relate to and take ownership of your current situation, and release this negative energy from our bodies.


And other times, we just need an ‘energetic 5,000km oil change and service’.  As energetic beings we pick up other people’s energy from daily life.  This is a normal thing, but at times we can pick up too much of others’ energetic ‘gunk’.  When this happens we often don’t feel like there’s much specifically wrong with us, we just don’t feel like we’re firing on all eight cylinders.  In this situation, the Clairvoyant Healer can gently balance your chakras, (energetic centres in our bodies,) to help us let go of any foreign energy.


After an ‘energetic 5,000km oil change and service’ people report feeling relaxed, light, and ready to take on the world!

That sounds amazing! How do I book?

To organise an appointment, in the comfort of your own home through Skype, or Lee’s healing room, please use the form below, or send him an email.


Adelaide, South Australia